August 22, 2019

Worx WG160 Review

The WORX WG160 is the ideal trimmer for small and large yards alike. In fact, this trimmer is also an edger and a mini mower all-in-one. This means that you can easily tidy up the yard and even cut missed grass in the process. While mowing a large yard with this model may be farfetched, the features that are seen will be enough for any user that needs a quality trimmer/edger that can also double as a mower.

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  • Dual Position Wheels: The dual position wheels make it simple and easy to edge or mow. These wheels are also a welcomed addition for anyone trying to edge in a small space.
  • Conversion: Quickly convert from an edger to a trimmer in seconds. There are no tools needed for the conversion process which is a major bonus.
  • Battery: The lithium battery included holds its charge for the duration of your yard work needs and is backed with 20-volts of power. The battery holds a 20 minute charge and will recharge in just 3 hours.
  • Cutting: There is a total diameter of 12-inches. This means that you can trim faster than ever before. A single line feed is also seen and bumping is not a necessity.
  • Quick-release: Adjust the height with the quick-release lever.
  • Locks: The handle has 7 locking adjustments. This allows users to use this trimmer the way that is most comfortable for them.
  • 3-in-1: Not only does this trimmer double as an edger, it is also able to mow your lawn. This is a fantastic feature that allows the WORX WG160 to be a very versatile piece of equipment.

Strong Points

The biggest strong point seen is that the Worx WG160 is able to quickly convert from trimmer to mower to edger in seconds without any tools. This means users are able to do yard work much faster and without the immense hassle of using 3 pieces of equipment.

Weight can be a concern when using any piece of yard equipment. The WG160 is not only the perfect weight, it is a mere 6 pounds and comes with wheels. This means this model can be used by grandparents, younger adults or just about anyone without becoming too heavy to carry.

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Minor Faults

Functionality is not an issue with the WG160 at all. The only minor fault may be the 20 minute battery life. If you plan on trying to mow your entire yard with this model, you will need to do a lot of charging. For those that simply want to edge, trim and mow their yard to give it a professional look, the WG160 is the perfect fit. Even with the short battery life, this battery far exceeds the competition and only takes 3 hours to fully charge.

The WORX WG160 is ideal for anyone that is on a budget but needs to have the utmost in yard trimming equipment. The 3-in-1 capability of the WG160 ensures that you can trim, edge or mow a yard with ease. The 12-inch cutting diameter makes the job move along faster and even the battery provides enough charge for most yards. With the ultra-light weight of 6 pounds, this is an exceptional model that anyone can easily use.Pin It

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