April 5, 2019

How To Cut Your Lawn With A Weed Eater

This guy is awesome! Greg Gardner is from Australia and he does a great job explaining how to mow any patch of lawn with a weed eater or string trimmer. In this video tutorial, Greg explains the do’s an don’ts of using a weed wacker instead of a lawn mower as well as some important safety reminders too. In the demo you’ll see he wears eye protection, sturdy work shoes and ear plugs. You can easily lose eye from flying rocks, dirt and twigs so wearing sunglasses or safety goggles is important!

Step one when mowing the lawn with your trimmer is to do all th edges first trimming the perimeter back by about a foot or so. Next, he places the weed wacker on his hip and gently does a sort of swinging back and forth motion with his hips while slowing walking forward. using this technique allows you to more easily maintain a steady and consistent length when cutting the grass. Greg also cautions against cutting the grass too short as it can cause problems with weed growth, insects and disease.

For anyone that has a small yard or patches of land between decks, fences or gardens, mowing the grass with a weed wacker makes perfect sense and is probably the smartest approach for keeping those areas trim and looking their best. In fact, Greg even mentions that the weed eater is his number one favorite gardening tool because of its versatility as you’ll see in his demonstration.

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