April 5, 2019

Safety Tips For Operating A Weed Eater

Doing yard work, gardening or any kind of landscaping can be a dirty and sometimes dangerous job if you’re not careful. Weed wackers are great for trimming weeds and can save you hours of back-breaking work… but they can also be dangerous when certain safety precautions are not met. Just like any power tool, string trimmers need to be used with safety first in mind.
The first video tutorial by Expert Village is short but to the point. In it he covers the importance of wearing gloves, safety googles, ear plugs and proper footwear. A weed eater, especially the more powerful gas engine models can cause severe injury from either the cutting power of the trimmer line, the heat of the 2-stroke gas engine, or from flying debris. Other things to consider are other people or objects in the immediate area of where you will be operating the machine.

In the second video, Farm Bureau Insurance produced this helpful presentation with additional tips and suggestions for how to operate a weed eater safely. He takes safety precautions a step further by recommending long pants, and a strong emphasis on ear and eye protection. Weed Eaters tremendous rotational velocity can become a weapon causing great harm and should be viewed as such before starting any lawn care job with it.

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