April 7, 2019

Greenworks 15-Inch 5.5 Amp Corded String Trimmer Review

GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

Weed wackers, also known as string trimmers, or strimmers are essential tools for keeping any lawn looking it’s best. In fact, most professional landscapers will tell you that the weed eater is probably their single most valuable tool in their arsenal.

The GreenWorks WG168 cordless weed eater makes it easy to give your lawn the look of a professionally maintained property. With its 40 volt lithium-ion battery, this trimmer/edger acts more like a gas powered model with extended run time and cutting power.

Add to this the light weight, less noise and no emissions and you’ve got a great gardening tool that can be used just about anywhere. Weighing just under eight pounds, this model is very easy to maneuver and carry around for just about anyone. Having a beautifully landscaped lawn is so much easier with the WORX WG168 with it’s 3 speed control feature, a large 13 inch cutting area, exceptional battery power with 40 volts, and its rotating head for quick edging and vertical trimming.

The battery pack is lightweight and rechargeable delivering plenty of power without the hassle of gas, oil and engine maintenance. Not to mention the fact that electrical weed wackers are almost noise free, at least when compared to a gasoline powered model.

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Product Features

  • 40 volt lithium battery powered utility tool with a longer battery life then other models at or below this price range.
  • easy 100% automatic feed line replacement to reduce down time
  • Weighs only 8 lbs and is very easy to operate
  • Converts into an edger for driveways, sidewalks, etc in seconds
  • Well designed adjustable handle for comfort and control while operating
  • Large 13 inch cutting capacity
  • Adjustable three speed control feature for different grass and weed conditions

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Unlike other cordless weed eaters we looked at, the WORX WG168 has a quick charge feature that will recharge the battery in only one hour. The lithium battery has no memory at all so you can charge it anytime you’d like without reducing the batteries life over time. Using the low speed setting during use the edger can run for almost 30 minutes continuously when fully charged. Of course with tougher conditions and a higher setting the battery life will be reduced.

This model also comes with a trimmer line spool assembly made from a durable and tough polymer blend that remains strong and flexible when cutting grass weeds or brush. We like this because it allows for longer times between having to replace trimmer line in the spool. However, the increased size of the line (.08 diameter) and the twenty feet of length will insure that you can trim plenty of lawn before having to replace it.

Changing the spool is straightforward and easy to do, requiring no special tools and can be done in less then 30 seconds. Additionally, the auto-feed line feature means no bumping and no manual pulling of trimmer line when it gets short. The bottom line is that the GreenWorks Cordless Trimmer/Edger is a top line battery powered unit with a lot of features that the lower priced models simply don’t have.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer:

“I’m a landscape gardener and needed a string trimmer. Mostly to edge a front and back lawn for one of my customers. This is my first “dual” type trimmer and it is impressive.”

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